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What We Do


Many medical solutions focus on higher resolution, improved lighting technology, and static, ‘after-the-fact’ medical image analysis that fails to dramatically improve clinical performance or patient outcomes. 

In contrast, Satisfai Health challenges the status quo by:

Delivering real-time analysis of medical imagery that provides clinicians with real-time decision-making support and improved patient outcomes while not disrupting current clinical workflows


Ensuring that AI and DL frameworks are applied to the most clinically relevant problems so that our solutions have maximum commercial potential and market support

Defining clinical data protocols that lead to the sourcing, cleaning and tagging of data essential to building effective disease detection models

Providing unparalleled access to global leading KOLs who ensure that the company’s solutions have wide industry support at the top decision-making levels in healthcare


About Satisfai

Satisfai Health is a leading medical solutions provider specializing in AI applications applied to large addressable markets in gastroenterology. Its solutions deliver real-time analysis of medical imagery and provide clinicians with real-time decision-making intelligence that dramatically improve patient outcomes.

Satisfai is supported by a highly respected board of medical clinicians and key opinion leaders who operate at the top of their fields in the areas of Gastroenterology, IBD, ESD, Barrett’s Esophagus, gastric surgery and provide us with access to high quality medical data while also ensuring we focus on the clinical problems with the widest market appeal.  We enjoy a strong voice on academic panels & regulatory forums as well as direct access to very large industry players seeking to adopt new AI technologies in healthcare in the areas of GI disease detection and diagnosis. 

Satisfai is currently working on the “ai4gi” commercial joint venture with Olympus America Inc and Imagia to develop and commercialize an AI solution for real-time clinical decision support during screening and surveillance colonoscopy procedures.   This solution is intended to raise the bar for all physicians to ultimately improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs and enhance quality of life for patients.   

Beyond the ai4gi solution, Satisfai has also identified the commercial need for other solutions throughout the GI tract including the area of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Barrett's Esophagus, Early Gastric Cancer, Pancreatic Cysts & Cancer, and Robotic & Endoscopic Surgery (ESD) and these disease states are reflected in our future product and solution roadmap.




Management Team

Satisfai was founded by Dr. Michael Byrne in order to realize his dream of improving diagnosis, detection and treatment of a variety of disease states.  Dr. Byrne has assembled a Management Team that helps position Satisfai as a leading group in AI applications for gastrointestinal disease given experience in clinical development, business and corporate development, systems integration, and commercial activities.

Dr. Michael Byrne

CEO & Founder

Dr. Douglas Rex

Director of Colorectal Cancer

Dr. Remo Panaccione

Director of IBD

Dr. Michael Bourke

Director of ESD

Dr. Milagros Henkel

Clinical Officer

Ryan Monsurate

Chief Product Officer



Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month - March 2021

As part of #ColorectalCancerAwarenessMonth, ai4gi (our joint venture with

@imagia_ai ) demonstrated our optical biopsy that assists clinicians in their search for malignant polyps and supports faster diagnosis & treatment. Early detection saves lives - please #GetScreened today!

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Suite 600

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info [at] satisfai.health

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