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Digestive Endoscopy - Artificial Intelligence and deep learning for small bowel capsule endoscopy

Trasolini RP, Byrne MF

Date:  Published, Nov 2020

GI Endoscopy - Colorectal polpy characterization with standard endoscopy:  will Artificial Intelligence succeed where human eyes failed?

Parsa N, Rex DK, Byrne MF

Date:  Published, Nov 2020

GI Endoscopy - AI in Endoscopy - Overview of Chapters (including 6.2.21)

Parsa N, Rex DK, Byrne MF

Date:  Published, Nov 2020

Endoscopy - Endoscopic prediction of submucosal invasion in Barrett's cancer with the use of Artificial Intelligence:  A Pilot Study

Ebigo A, Byrne MF, Palm C, Messmann H.

Date:  Published, Nov 2020

Endoscopy - Establishing Key Research Questions for the Implementation of AI in Colonoscopy - a modified Delphi Method

Omer A, Byrne MF, East J et al

Date:  Published, Oct 2020

Gut - Machine Learning in Gi endoscopy:    practical guidance in how to interpret a novel field

Parsa N, Rex DK, Byrne MF

Date:  Published, May 2020

Springer - Digital Surgery - Full Compilation (Chapter 24 - AI and Endoscopy - Future Perspectives)

Chahal D, Shahidi N, Byrne MF

Date:  Published, 2021

Gut - Machine Learning in GI Endoscopy: Practical Guidance in How To Interpret a Novel Field.

F. van der Sommen  A.J, de Groof M.R. Struyvenberg, J.A. van der Putten, T.G.W. Boers, K.N. Fockens, E.J. Schoon, W.L. Curvers, P.H. de With, Y. Mori, M.F. Byrne, J.J. Bergman.

Date:  Published, 2020

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy - A primer on Artificial Intelligence and its application to endoscopy.

Chahal D, Byrne MF

Date:  Published, May 2020

Gastroenterology - Hype or Reality? Will AI actually make us better at performing optical biopsy of colon polyps?

Dr. Byrne has invited to write an editorial for this article which has been approved for publication in April..

Date:  Published, April 2020

TIGE - Techniques & Innovation in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Dr. Byrne has joined the editorial board of this journal. In addition, Dr, Byrne was invited to be the guest editor for their April edition focusing on AI in Gastroenterology.

Date:  Published, April 2020

Wiley Blackwell - Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Medicine

Dr. Byrne will be lead editor for a new comprehensive textbook on AI in clinical medicine which intends on being the "Go-To" guide for AI developments in healthcare

Date:  Published, TBA

Journal of Medical Artificial Intelligence (JMAI) - July 2019

Teng BJ, Byrne MF. Introduction for the Artificial Intelligence and Gastrointestinal Cancer Column. J Med Artif Intell 2019;2:14

Date:  Published, July 2019

Endoscopy, 2019 – Byrne MF

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Endoscopy: Should we be quietly excited?

Date: Published, 2019

Journal of Medical Artificial Intelligence, 2018 – Shahidi N, Byrne MF

Computer-aided diagnosis to differentiate colorectal polyps – are we nearing primetime?

Date: Published November 2, 2018

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 2018 – Byrne MF et al.

Artificial intelligence and capsule endoscopy – is the truly “smart” capsule nearly here?

Date: Published August, 2018

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 2018 – Byrne MF et al.

Real-time artificial intelligence “full colonoscopy workflow” for automatic detection followed by optical biopsy of colorectal polyps

Date: Published June, 2018

Gut, Nov 2017 – Byrne MF, Rex DK, et al

Real-time differentiation of adenomatous and hyperplastic diminutive colorectal polyps during analysis of unaltered videos of standard colonoscopy using a deep learning model.

Date: Published Online November 9, 2017

Gastroenterology, Dec 2017 – Byrne MF, Shahidi N, Rex DK

Will Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnosis Revolutionize Colonoscopy?

Date: Published Online October 31, 2017

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy , Volume 85 , Issue 5 , AB364 – AB365, 2017 – Byrne MF, et al.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Endoscopy–Deep Learning for Optical Biopsy of Colorectal Polyps in Real-Time on Unaltered Endoscopic Videos

Date: Published May, 2017

United European Gastroenterol J 2016; 4: A155 – Byrne MF, Rex DK, et al.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in endoscopy-deep learning for optical biopsy of colorectal polyps in real-time on unaltered endoscopic videos.

Date: Published October, 2016